Summer Warming Impacts on Bees, Moths and Butterflies in Mountainous Northern Scandinavia

Published September 5, 2012

Have rising summer temperatures there been driving the flying insects towards extinction, as many have predicted should be the case?… Read More

Heavy Precipitation Over the US: Has it Increased as Some have Predicted it Should? (4 September 2012)
The four scientists who conducted this report conclude by stating “we cannot definitively answer if the heavy precipitation in the US has been increasing in the past century.” Yet they continue to repeat the ominous refrain that “GCM integrations suggest that it is very likely to increase in the future.” Only time will tell… Read More

Occasionally-Slowed Organismal Development in Low-pH Seawater (4 September 2012)
It is a confounding factor that can easily lead to erroneous conclusions regarding the effects of CO2-induced ocean acidification on calcifying marine organisms… Read More

How Ocean Acidification and Warming Impact Predator-Prey Relationships of Calcifying Organisms (4 September 2012)
Knowing the consequences of the two phenomena, individually or combined, for only one or the other of the two marine organisms is insufficient to divine the impact the predator organism may have on its prey in a CO2-enriched and warmer world… Read More

Delayed Snowmelt Reduces Rocky Mountain Ground Squirrel Populations (4 September 2012)
Over the last 20 years, late snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains has reduced a ground squirrel population via delayed emergence from hibernation… Read More

A Chinese Perspective on Corn-Ethanol Biofuels (5 September 2012)
China’s Ministry of Agriculture has “insisted on developing biofuels without competing with grain for land,” which policy has “substantially dampened the momentum of corn-ethanol development in China”… Read More

Effects of Long-Term Elevated CO2 on Net Photosynthesis and Dark Respiration Rates of Norway Spruce Needles (5 September 2012)
It works on both parameters to enhance plant biomass accumulation… Read More

Simulating the Present-Day Arctic Atmosphere (5 September 2012)
A comparison of observed data versus modeled output from the version 4 of the Community Climate System Model leaves much to be desired with respect to the future of climate modeling… Read More

The Airborne Fraction of Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions (5 September 2012)
In line with terrestrial ecosystems, Earth’s oceans have been increasing their uptake rates of anthropogenic carbon in such a way as to successfully “keep up” with the rate at which the air’s CO2 content has risen in response to historical anthropogenic carbon inputs… Read More