The Horror! PBS Dares to Bring Balance to a Global Warming Story

Published September 20, 2012

Apparently, this is a thing — some kind of horrible … thing in the minds of climate alarmists and their enablers in the MSM.

PBS Newshour interviewed Heartland friend — and the world’s most popular climate blogger — Anthony Watts for a story on global warming that aired Monday. We’d have weighed in with this earlier, but Anthony had it pretty well covered here,herehereherehere, and here … so far.

America’s public television station deserves credit for (GASP!) attempting to bring balance to the debate over man-made global warming — though the network felt the need to walk back its reporthere and (especially) here.

Regardless, we at The Heartland Institute — as seen in the screen-cap image illustrating this post — are proud that the prestigious PBS singled out just one think tank for promoting scientific skepticism about human-caused, catastrophic global warming. That would be us. It seems those seven International Conferences on Climate Change have had an impact.

 Below you can find the PBS broadcast of the piece, and the not-to-be-missed full interview with the great Anthony Watts on this matter. Despite the walk-back by PBS — and they may never again make such a “mistake” as to provide viewers both sides of this issue — it’s about the best skeptics can expect in the “mainstream media” these days. Judging from the defensiveness of the alarmists — and the calm, reasoned arguments of Watts — it is clear that the skeptic side is winning. Why? Because Heartland and others who pursue the science have the facts on our side.

(NOTE: See Anthony Watts’ presentations at Heartland’s climate conferences here.)

PBS Newshour Broadcast, September 17, 2012.