The Mass Balance of the Karakoram Glaciers

Published October 3, 2012

Measurements “confirm an anomalous mass balance in the Karakoram region and indicate that the contribution of Karakoram glaciers to sea-level rise was -0.01 mm/year for the period from 1999 to 2008″… Read More

The Greening at the Forest-Tundra Ecotone in Subarctic Quebec (2 October 2012)
“Numerous seedlings observed during the ground truthing suggest that shrub densification should continue in the future,” as the warming- and CO2-induced greening of planet Earth continues… Read More

Northern Scandinavian Summer Temperatures of the Past Two Millennia (2 October 2012)
How does the level of 20th-century warmth compare with that of earlier warm periods?… Read More

Direct Anthropogenic Threats to Malaysian Corals (2 October 2012)
They make the largely hypothetical threats of CO2-induced climate change and ocean acidification pale in comparison… Read More

Red Foxes Have Not Replaced Arctic Foxes in the Northern Yukon (2 October 2012)
Contrary to predictions, red foxes have not replaced arctic foxes in the northern Yukon tundra over the last 40 years, despite significant warming… Read More

Warming Enhances Reproduction of Intertidal New Zealand Crabs (3 October 2012)
How so? A new study describes a number of different ways the enhancement is accomplished… Read More

The Holocene Climate of the North Atlantic Region (3 October 2012)
What does it reveal about the Dark Ages Cold Period, the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age? … and what do those things imply about the nature of 20th century global warming?… Read More

Coping with Heat Waves and Droughts in a Future Warmer World (3 October 2012)
Earth’s plants are up to the task of surviving what climate alarmists are predicting for them… Read More

The “Little” Medieval Warm Period in the Bahamas (3 October 2012)
Temperatures in the Bahamas were about the same as (or even greater than) they are today in the mid- to late- 1500s, suggesting that there is nothing unusual, unnatural or unprecedented about today’s temperatures there… Read More

Better Models Needed to Link Extreme Weather to Global Warming (3 October 2012)
A recent Nature editorial appears to have accepted the tenuous link between extreme weather events and anthropogenic global warming without thoroughly examining the climatology of extreme weather events… Read More