Today’s Materialistic World Cannot Survive Without Crude Oil

Published January 3, 2024
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The elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss is that crude oil is the foundation of our materialistic society as it is the basis of all products and fuels demanded by the 8 billion on this planet.

As a reality check for those pursuing net-zero emissions, wind and solar do different things than crude oil. Unreliable renewables, like wind turbines and solar panels, only generate occasional electricity but manufacture no products for society.

Crude oil is virtually never used to generate electricity but, when manufactured into petrochemicals, is the basis for virtually all the products in our materialistic society that did not exist before the 1800s being used at these infrastructures like transportation, airports, hospitals, medical equipment, appliances, electronics, telecommunications, communications systems, space programs, heating and ventilating, and militaries.

Most importantly, today, there is a lost reality that the primary usage of crude oil is NOT for the generation of electricity but to manufacture derivatives and fuels, which are the ingredients of everything needed by economies and lifestyles to exist and prosper.

Energy realism requires that the legislators, policymakers, and media that demonstrate pervasive ignorance about crude oil usage understand the staggering scale of the decarbonization movement. In fact, all the parts and components for wind, solar, and nuclear are made with oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil! Thus, ridding the world of oil will eliminate wind, solar, nuclear, and hydro!

We’ve become a very materialistic society over the last 200 years, and the world has populated from 1 to 8 billion because of all the products and different fuels for jets, ships, trucks, cars, military, and the space program that did not exist before the 1800s.

  • If the world governments want to rid the earth of crude oil usage, what’s the backup source that can manufacture refrigerators, tires, asphalt, X-ray machines, iPhones, air conditioners, and the other 6,000 products that wind and solar CANNOT manufacture?
  • Crude oil use is essential to human flourishing for the foreseeable future. The pursuit of “net zero by 2050, without first identifying the crude oil replacement, would be one of the most destructive developments in human history.
  • Everything that needs electricity to function is made with petrochemicals manufactured from crude oil, such as iPhones, Defibrillators, televisions, X-ray equipment, etc.!
  • Without crude oil, there would be nothing that needs electricity!
  • Net-zero pledges can potentially worsen climate inequities. For example, wealthy countries, which include some of the largest historical polluters, can fund offset projects outside their borders while continuing to pollute at home.
  • In turn, developing nations, which are some of the most vulnerable to and least responsible for the climate crisis, are expected to take much more costly climate actions like transitioning to renewables and electrifying transit.
  • Until a crude oil replacement is identified, the world cannot do without crude oil, which is the basis of our materialistic “products” society.

World leaders continue experiencing a “dangerous delusion” of a global transition to “just electricity” that they believe will eliminate the use of the crude oil that made society achieve so much in a few centuries. Without those products made from the petrochemicals manufactured from crude oil, the policymakers must be imagining no jets, ships, defense, or space programs!

Over the last 200 years, after the discovery of crude oil, the world populated from 1 to 8 billion. Today, all the electricity generation options available, such as wind turbines, solar panels, nuclear, hydro, coal, and natural gas, are all dependent on the products and components manufactured from crude oil to be able to generate electricity.

Looking back at the history of the petroleum industry, it illustrates that the black cruddy looking crude oil was virtually useless unless it could be manufactured (refineries) into oil derivatives that are now the basis of chemical products, such as plastics, solvents, and medications, that are essential for supporting modern lifestyles. The more than 6,000 products that are based on oil are being used for the health and well-being of humanity and the generation of electricity did not exist a few short centuries ago.

Today, we have more than 50,000 merchant shipsmore than 20,000 commercial aircraftand more than 50,000 military aircraft that use the fuels manufactured from crude oil. The fuels to move the heavy-weight and long-range needs of jets moving people and products, the merchant ships for global trade flows, and the military and space programs are also dependent on what can be manufactured from crude oil.

For aircraft and ships, just like that, for the diverse options for the generation of electricity, they all utilize parts and components made from the oil derivatives manufactured from raw crude oil.

Without crude oil, there can be no electricity. All the parts to generate electricity, and all the components needed to use electricity, are all made from the oil derivatives manufactured from raw crude oil. In the pre-1800s, before crude oil, humanity had no electricity.

From this quick refresher on energy literacy, further conversations are needed to discuss the difference between just ELECTRICITY from renewables and the PRODUCTS that are the basis of society’s materialistic world.

Please share this energy literacy information with your friends and wake your leadership up to the truth.