Unleash the Beast! Heartland Climate Conferences Return with a Vengeance

Published July 14, 2021

Try as they might, governments couldn’t keep us locked down forever. Now that we are regaining some of our freedoms, Heartland is sticking it to the environmental left with four live major climate events this autumn.

On October 15-17 in Las Vegas, Heartland will be hosting our 14th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-14). Approximately 60 experts on climate science, energy economics, and policy impacts will take the podium and deliver the latest information and insight on defeating alarmist climate propaganda. Just as important as providing a platform for the latest objective climate science, ICCC-14 provides a venue for realist scientists to meet with each other, energize each other, lift each other’s spirits, and discuss current and future research. Tickets are remove available at climateconference.heartland.org.

We will keep our momentum after ICCC-14, as Heartland and the Solidarity labor union are planning a European climate conference in late October. Solidarity has offered to host the conference in Katowice, Poland. The Solidarity-Heartland climate conference builds upon the joint climate change declaration signed by Solidarity and Heartland in 2018, as well as Solidarity-Heartland high-level meetings in Olsztyn, Poland, in June 2019. Bringing a major climate conference to Eastern Europe, where Climate Realism runs strong in nations such as Poland, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, is a natural next step for the Solidarity-Heartland alliance.

We are not done taking the fight to the environmental Left. During the first week of November, Heartland will host our Climate Reality Forum outside the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. Continuing a tradition began at UN climate conferences in Paris (2015), Katowice (2018), and Madrid (2019), Heartland will bring prominent scientists and policy experts together to provide a dose of reality at the very site of the United Nations propaganda machine.

From there, Heartland will team with the European Institute for Climate and Energy (German acronym EIKE) to produce EIKE’s 14th International Climate and Energy Conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. Heartland and EIKE have been working together for more than a decade, bringing scientists from around the world to Europe for two-day climate conferences that generate tremendous impact in the European media.

In addition to these Heartland-hosted events, Heartland is leading the charge for Climate Realism at a slew of other events hosted by third parties. Among the highlights are the following:

Heartland will participate in a global warming debate on the main stage at the annual FreedomFest conference in Rapid City, South Dakota in July. In addition to destroying climate alarmists during the main-stage debate, Heartland will host a separate panel exposing how so-called “conservative climate change programs” are not conservative, free-market oriented, or climatically helpful.

After FreedomFest, Heartland will host a panel discussion on global warming and present a global warming resolution at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s annual meeting of conservative state legislators. Taking the air out of false claims that conservative lawmakers are actively trying to legislate against global warming, the Heartland-sponsored resolution states that any government efforts to coerce or require reductions in carbon dioxide emissions are unjustified, unnecessary, and counterproductive. We expect a unanimous or near-unanimous vote supporting the resolution.

The worst of the lockdowns are over, and freedom is rising again. With Heartland’s powerful, in-person impact on the global warming debate, it’s no wonder the Big Government Left fears returning to a free and open society!