We Don’t Negotiate With (Eco-) Terrorists

Published September 1, 2016

At least we shouldn’t.

Why shouldn’t we? Because to do so is to normalize and mainstream terrorism. You’re elevating it to the same level as actually acceptable engagements between actually acceptable nations and parties.

And if you pay terrorists – you’re showing terrorism pays. Human nature dictates: Reward a behavior – and you’ll get more of that behavior.

So if you’re smart – or care about long term security and as many normal people as possible conducting normal lives – you don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Let’s look at the latest high profile terrorist negotiation and payoff: President Barack Obama sending $400 million to terrorist Iran – to secure the release of four American hostages.

Has that huge cash payment brought an end to Iranian hostage taking? Of course not.

Iran Takes Another American Hostage After Obama’s $400 Million ‘Side Deal’

Has that huge cash payment tamped down broader Iranian inanity? Of course not.

Iran Confrontations with US Navy Double from Last Year, More Frequent Than Thought

Has our previous negotiation with – and payoff of – Iran worked out? Of course not.

Iran Advancing Its Nuclear Program Despite Pact with West

All of which, and more, is why you don’t negotiate with terrorists.

This applies not just overseas – but here at home.

Behold the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Thanks to hydraulic fracking, North Dakota has become – when it comes to oil production – a chillier Texas. And we need to move this petroleum windfall from these fields – hence the DAPL.

If this sounds a little like the Keystone Pipeline – it’s understandable. There are some similarities. Both pipelines would transport the fuel of capitalism from the wells from which it springs. And both pipelines are loathed by anti-capitalism environmentalist radicals.

One important distinction: The Obama Administration dragged its Keystone Pipeline feet for years – before finally rejecting the application. The DAPL? Approved – all the way round.

Corps Approves Dakota Access Permits: “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s has approved most of the final permits necessary to construct the Dakota Access pipeline project….’We can now move forward with construction in all areas as quickly as possible in order to limit construction activities to one growing season and be in service by the end of this year,’ Lisa Dillinger, a spokeswoman for the project, said in an email.”

Construction of the DAPL is now underway. So that’s that, right? Of course not.

Enter the environmentalist radicals. Specifically global-radical-George-Soros-funded EarthJustice. As if being environmentalist radicals wasn’t bad enough – EarthJustice consists largely of trial lawyer environmentalist radicals. Terrorists with Doctorates of Jurisprudence.

Standing Rock Tribe Files Lawsuit over Dakota Access Pipeline: “Represented by EarthJustice, the tribe filed the lawsuit Thursday in federal court in Washington D.C.”

EarthJustice and the Tribe are attempting to take the DAPL hostage – by lawsuit shutdown.

For the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, some excellent advice from my North Dakota friend Rob Port:

Standing Rock Tribe Should Ditch EarthJustice if They Want Pipeline Lawsuit Taken Seriously: “EarthJustice isn’t out to promote safe, responsible oil and gas development, goals all reasonable people share. They don’t want a safe pipeline, per se. Rather, they’re out to choke oil and gas development to death by obstructing energy infrastructure with legal maneuvering.”

Of course, it doesn’t appear the Standing Rock Tribe is at all interested in anything legitimate. Or legal. Or in waiting for their ridiculous lawsuit to run its ridiculous course.

Standing Rock Tribal Members & Allies Block Entrance to Pipeline Construction Site: “Standing Rock members and allies blocking passage to the construction site….”

Arrests Made as Citizens Block Dakota Access Pipeline Construction: “Nearly a dozen arrests have been made as Indigenous tribal members and allies stand firm in their attempt to block the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built.”

Land Defenders Storm Construction Site: “(C)onstruction was halted after a group of tribal women led tribal protesters and allies onto the Dakota Access Pipeline site.”

Day after day after day – radicals preventing a bunch of normal people from doing their jobs. On a project that has already successfully run the laborious gauntlet of multiple-government-approval. Terrorism of a sort as well. Taking the project hostage – by physically blocking it.

And when the Tribe and EarthJustice aren’t obstructing government-approved legal commerce – they’re lying about why they’re doing it.

Despite the Facts, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Continues to Spread Falsities: “In a lawsuit filed by the radical environmental group EarthJustice on behalf of the SRST claims that, ‘Neither [Dakota Access] nor the Corps ever consulted with the Tribe…or had invited their participation as the Tribe had repeatedly requested.’ The Chairman of SRST, David Archambault, wrote in the New York Times last week that, ‘permits for the project were approved and construction began without meaningful consultation.’

“While this narrative might play well in the media, it could not be further from the truth. A basic examination of documents provided by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state utility boards, as well as filings by the Corps of Engineers and Dakota Access in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia shows the SRST and environmental allies met with regulators multiple times, and filed over a hundred comments throughout state and federal review periods. Filings also show that Dakota Access made seven attempts to meet with the tribe directly but were rejected every time.

So not only is the Dakota Access Pipeline multi-government-approved – it was multi-government-approved with the full-on, ongoing participation of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – and a bunch of (other) environmentalist radicals.

And now the Tribe and EarthJustice are lying about in court documents – and physically impeding – a project they have already spent months (years?) unsuccessfully trying to stop.

Having lost the negotiation – EarthJustice and the Standing Rock Tribe have now taken the pipeline hostage.

As is always the case, their hostage-taking and terrorism absolutely should not be rewarded.

[Originally Published at Red State]