When Will the Anti-Smoking Propaganda Stop?

Published March 25, 2005

In recent years, there have been lots of headlines about medical discoveries linking coronary illness to obesity and genetics … yet the anti-smoking lobby never lowers its estimates of deaths attributable to smoking as these other figures increase.

Similarly, we learn more every day about the causes of cancers (many of them genetic) and asthma (roaches and changes in environmental ozone are among the primary), yet again the anti-smoking lobby ritually recites its 10-year-old claims based on 30-year-old (and largely discredited) studies.

When will the media stop reporting their propaganda as fact and recognize that the anti-smoking crowd has an agenda?

Erica Lieberman
Chicago, IL
phone 312/377-4000
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Erica Lieberman ([email protected]) is executive assistant for The Heartland Institute.