Win-Win on Obamacare Costs

Published March 10, 2015

The Congressional Budget Office believes taxpayers won’t have to shell out nearly as much money for Obamacare as previously predicted:

Health-care law will cost taxpayers less than expected, CBO says

President Obama’s health-care law will cost taxpayers substantially less than previously estimated, congressional budget officials said Monday, in an upbeat note for a program that has faced withering criticism since its passage five years ago…

TIn total, the health-care law will cost taxpayers $142 billion, or 11 percent, less over the next decade than estimated in January. The cost of providing subsidies for people to buy insurance on the state and federal marketplaces — the centerpiece of the law — will be 20 percent lower than projected…

Part of the savings are attributed to fewer people signing up for coverage than expected, meaning less money has to go towards subsidies.

So, less money put towards this fiasco, and fewer people than predicted being pushed into overpriced coverage. Win-win in my book, although as long as the law is on the books this is roughly the equivelant of scoring a field goal in a game you’re otherwise getting crushed in.