Republican Controlled House Must Fix These Health Care Policies (Guests: Brian Blasé and Drew Keyes)

Published December 24, 2022
The Republicans will be in control of the U.S. House starting next month. Brian Blasé and Drew Keyes, both health care policy and administration and legislative veterans now at the Paragon Health Institute, say Congress should focus on four key areas: more affordable health care, ending the COVID-19 health emergency, eliminating waste and abuse at Medicaid, and restoring trust in the CDC and NIH.
1. The Republicans in Congress will have a long list of priorities. Can something meaningful happen on health care policy?
2. “Anti-inflationary” agenda: Many people think the solution is more government spending to offset the high costs of health care. Why is this boneheaded thinking?
3. How will ending the COVID emergency help all Americans?
4. Medicaid oversight… has abuse and waste gotten worse during the current administration and how does this impact all health care, private care, and care for the needy?
5. Restoring trust in CDC and NIH…what can Congress really do here since this is under control of the current administration? What can Congress do to make sure these agencies are service all Americans, not just special interest groups?
6. Senate HELP committee led by Sanders, Cassidy. What will happen: fireworks or a miracle?
Keyes and Blase released a brief on December 5, 2022:  “A Health Policy Agenda for the 118th Congress”