No. 54 The Killing Can Be Stopped

The Heartland Institute, an independent nonprofit research organization, convened a group of seven experts on urban policy — the four authors shown here as well as┬áMichael Finch, David H. Padden, and Herbert J. Walberg — to put forward a free-market plan to stop the killing. The result is a collection of powerful commentaries on housing, schools, drugs, welfare, and economic development by some of the nation’s leading experts.

This report combines scholarship with the urgency demanded by the situation, and it remains a compelling document for leaders of all large cities.

In his afterword, law professor Barnett writes

The recent focus on violence in Chicago … provides an occasion to reconsider a wide range of city, state, and national urban development policies. The essays in this collection show that many of these policies failed to achieve their ends, and they point the way toward a more promising direction or paradigm. …

We have reason to question the good faith of those who so ardently and vehemently cling to the past and refuse even to discuss, much less consider, any radical alternative. Why not give the policies recommended in the preceding pages a chance?