Alarmists Are in Denial Proposing Hurricane Name Changes

Published August 27, 2013

The 350 Action group garnered substantial media attention yesterday by releasing a video proposing naming hurricanes after legislators who are skeptical of the asserted link between hurricanes and global warming. The video is perfectly timed, considering we are halfway through the 2013 hurricane season and we have yet to see an Atlantic hurricane.

The fact is, global hurricane and tropical storm activity has been in decline for the past 40 years as our planet continues its modest warming in recovery from the Little Ice Age. We are currently experiencing our longest period in recorded history without a major hurricane strike in the United States. The Obama administration has experienced the fewest hurricanes of any one or two term presidency in history. And, as mentioned above, we are halfway through the 2013 hurricane season and not a single hurricane has formed in the Atlantic basin.

The 350 Action video claimed global warming is creating more frequent hurricanes. Amazingly (despite their leftist, alarmist bias), the Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, Salon and others gave fawning coverage to the ridiculous 350 Action claims without pointing out the long-term decline in hurricanes, the lack of any Atlantic hurricanes this year, and the current record lack of major hurricane strikes.  

So, the Huffington Post asks, “What If Hurricanes Were Named For Climate Change Deniers?” The answer is hurricanes would start being named “Al Gore,” “Michael Mann,” and “Barbara Boxer.” The only “denial” going on is the Huffington Post and their alarmist allies making the ludicrous argument that global warming causes hurricanes.