Burning of Skeptical Climate Book a Reminder of Nazi Book Burning

Published May 13, 2013

San Jose State University faculty recently decided the best way to address scientific criticisms of alarmist global warming theory was to burn the books containing such criticisms. Pierre Gosselin, administrator of the No Tricks Zone website, pointed out disturbing parallels between the book burning at San Jose State and book burnings in Nazi Germany.

Last week marked the 80th anniversary of a massive book burning event in Nazi Germany. The book burning, conducted by people affiliated with German universities, was designed to purge what the book-burners called un-German literature.

“Literary and philosophical works that did not conform to the ideological standards of the Nationalist Socialist Party were collected from prestigious university libraries and burned in public. They included some of the greatest works ever written. Much of the burning was zealously carried out by students and academics,” Gosselin explained.

After noting the recent book-burning at San Jose State, Gosselin observed, “Recently a University of Graz professor called for the execution of climate science skeptics. Aren’t the parallels eerie? This ought lead us to pause and reflect deeply for a moment.”