Frigid Spring Freezes Global Warming Claims

Published March 29, 2013

Climate Change Weekly #86

A remarkably frigid spring is putting the freeze on global warming from Russia to the U.K. and from Alaska to Florida.

The Russian International News Agency reports the exceptionally cold spring, even by Russian standards, is delaying the annual bird migration. The U.K. Guardian reports record cold temperatures killed thousands of newborn lambs throughout the British Isles. The Alaska Dispatch saluted residents with “Welcome to Spring!” while reporting temperatures remaining below zero and threatening longtime records. The Tampa Bay Times reported an extended spell of frigid temperatures forced animal experts to rescue a South Florida manatee at a time when Floridians are usually basking on beach sands.

The Real Science climate blog noted there were 30 times more cold temperature records set in the United States this week than warm temperature records.

NASA satellite instruments reported February 2013 temperatures that were approximately average compared to the past dozen years, a time period during which global temperatures have plateaued. Temperatures have plateaued even though annual global carbon dioxide emissions have risen by approximately one-third since the year 2000.

SOURCES: Russian International News Agency; U.K. Guardian; Alaska Dispatch; Tampa Bay Times; Real Science; and Dr. Roy Spencer


Alarmist Hansen admits less warming than predicted … Hansen doctors records to create fictitious warming … Monckton mocks ‘fraudster’ Gleick’s lifetime achievement award … Caruba: Carbon tax would destroy America … Mann’s ugly meltdown reveals ‘evangelical’ warmists’ priorities … Mann complains about ‘veiled threats’


Prominent global warming alarmist James Hansen admits in a new paper that temperatures are not warming as fast as predicted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Hansen observes carbon dioxide emissions are rising faster than IPCC forecasts, yet temperatures are not following suit. Hansen speculates emissions from coal-fired power plants emissions are fertilizing the biosphere and providing valuable nutrients that aid tissue growth. The extra tissue growth soaks up atmospheric carbon dioxide, which mitigates some of the IPCC’s expected warming.

SOURCE: Environmental Research Letters


Hansen, a staffer at NASA’s Goddard Institute, retroactively added a full tenth of a degree Celsius of warming to NASA’s temperature readings during the past century. His actions occurred without explanation and continue a pattern of Hansen and others retroactively adjusting temperature data to create the appearance of accelerating recent global warming.

SOURCE: Real Science


Lord Christopher Monckton published a biting commentary in World News Daily about Fakegate central figure Peter Gleick being awarded a Silicon Valley Water Conservation Lifetime Achievement Award last week. While few people have ever heard of the award, Gleick’s Pacific Institute issued a full-page press release to celebrate what for them is a very prestigious award. “These days, it seems, anyone – however dodgy – who subscribes to the now-collapsed ‘global warming’ scare (there has been precious little warming for two decades now) will be handsomely rewarded for his devotion to The Cause,” wrote Monckton.

SOURCE: World News Daily


A carbon tax would “destroy” America, columnist Alan Caruba reports after studying the damage done by carbon taxes in Australia. “If you want to know what a carbon tax on emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) would do to America you need only look at the destruction of industry and business in Australia, along with the soaring costs for energy use it imposes on anyone there,” Caruba writes. Caruba’s column draws upon the insight of energy and environment experts such as Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis and Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow Senior Policy Advisor Paul Driessen.

SOURCE: Warning Signs


Prominent global warming activist Michael Mann threw down the gauntlet against evangelical Christians this week, calling a distinguished climate scientist and well-known Christian an “evolution denier” while refusing to participate with him in a global warming debate. In the wake of Mann’s unprovoked attack, prominent “evangelical” global warming activists, who target evangelical Christians by claiming also to be evangelicals, declined to stand up for the Christian scientist against Mann’s ugly and unprovoked assault.

Just days after his gratuitous attack on climate scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, Mann wrote in the Scientist, “I’ve also been subject to a constant onslaught of character attacks and smears on websites, in op-eds, and on right-leaning news outlets, usually by front groups or individuals tied to fossil fuel interests like ExxonMobil or the petrochemical tycoons, the Koch Brothers.”

SOURCE: and Scientist


Michael Mann posted a tweet complaining a “hate/smear-ridden rant” may be a “thinly veiled threat to scientists.” The article in question documents misconduct by Climategate figures and other alarmists. It concludes, “It’s time to demote our climate masters to our humble servants. We won’t kill them. But we should sentence them to prison.” Mann, coincidentally enough, is silent regarding the many times prominent global warming alarmists called for the imprisonment and execution of global warming skeptics.

SOURCES: and Ammoland

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