Global Warming Prevented Several Recent Weather Disasters

Published June 24, 2013

Global warming may have prevented several deadly weather disasters from striking the United States during the past year, according to an analysis conducted by climate scientist Chip Knappenberger.

“For every billion-dollar weather disaster identified as being ‘consistent with’ human-caused global warming, there are probably several other potential billion-dollar weather disasters that human-caused global warming averted,” Knappenberger observed.

Knappenberger documented several minor weather events that had the potential to develop into catastrophic events but remained relatively minor. Taking global warming alarmists at their word that all weather events must be viewed with the effects of global warming in mind, Knapenberger explained how global warming may have presented many weather disasters during the past year.

Knappenberger listed four tropical storm systems that had the potential to develop into major hurricanes but failed to do so. Global and U.S. hurricane activity is in long-term decline as wind shear associated with warming temperatures increasingly prevents tropical storm systems from developing into major hurricanes.

Global warming also may have prevented devastating snowstorms, cold spells, and tornado outbreaks in the United States during the past year, Knappenberger reported.

“Isn’t it about time we start hearing about these?! If it is good enough for the goose to link global warming to weather disasters, it should be good enough for the gander to link global warming to weather disasters averted,” Knappenberger explained.