Goal Prevented

Published March 26, 2012

A 46-year old Londoner is suing the Baptist church, saying time spent as a “fervent evangelist” kept him from playing football (soccer, in the United States) for Manchester United.

The man, originally from Portugal, played semi-professionally in that country, but he quit after converting to the Baptist religion. He is suing for 10 million pounds, based on an expected career-long salary of 20,000 pounds per week.

He’s also accusing the church of “destroying his social life, causing him ‘psychological harm’ and defrauding him of money through compulsory donations.”

Source: “Man claims church ruined his chances of playing for Manchester United; Former semi-professional sues Baptist church for £10m; Believes years spent as ‘fervent evangelist’ ruined career,” Guardian (U.K.), March 5, 2012