Heartland Institute Submits Comments to EPA in Support of Affordable Clean Energy Rule

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (October 31, 2018) – The Heartland Institute today submitted a public comment supporting the Trump administration’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) Rule. The Ace Rule is the proposed replacement for the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which imposed draconian carbon dioxide restrictions on the 50 states and the American people.

“There was no need or justification for the Obama administration to impose its economy-killing Clean Power Plan,” read’s Heartland comment to the Environmental Protection Agency. “The scientific evidence gets stronger every day that global warming alarmism is a failed theory. To the extent EPA has chosen to implement greenhouse gas regulations, the ACE Rule is far superior to the Clean Power Plan.

“The ACE Rule will save American consumers $400 million per year, which will enable people to purchase better housing, nutrition, education, and health care,” the comment continues. “This makes life more enjoyable and saves additional human lives.”

Read the whole comment at this link.

The Heartland Institute is a globally leading think tank supporting the work of scientists skeptical that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing catastrophic climate change. It has hosted 12 International Conferences on Climate Change since 2008, two America First Energy Conferences, and is the publisher of the Climate Change Reconsidered series of volumes citing the scientific literature by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).

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“During the 2016 election, President Trump promised to repeal and replace the Clean Power Plan. The ACE Rule represents another election promise kept. President Trump campaigned on a promise to unshackle the American economy from pointless and costly carbon dioxide restrictions, and our economy is growing strongly as a result.”

Tim Huelskamp, Ph.D.
The Heartland Institute
[email protected]

Dr. Huelskamp represented Kansas’ 1st District in the House of Representatives from 2011 to 2017.

“The earth has warmed at less than half the rate predicted by the United Nations and climate alarmists. To the extent a modest amount of warming has occurred, it has brought strong net benefits. Deserts are shrinking, plant life is flourishing, crop production is setting all-time records, and human lifespans are lengthening as cold-caused deaths – which outnumber heat-caused deaths 20-to-1 globally – become less frequent.”

James Taylor
Senior Fellow for Environmental Policy
The Heartland Institute
[email protected]


“Poll after poll shows the American people rank addressing alleged global warming last or near last on our list of priorities. This is because the American people are intelligent and can see through the false alarms presented by the media and the environmental Left. Thankfully, President Trump also understands that humans are not causing any significant warming. Repealing and replacing the Clean Power Plan is a large step toward making America great again.”

Jay Lehr
Science Director
The Heartland Institute
[email protected]