Heartland Weekly: Americans Don’t Want a Socialism

Published December 2, 2019

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Slow FDA Approval Is Costing Lives
Christina Herrin
There is indeed hope for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, but the FDA is impeding access to these experimental and possible life-saving drugs.

Heartland Poll: Americans Reject Socialism
Justin Haskins
Stopping Socialism
A new poll by The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen reveals Americans’ true opinions on socialist candidates like Warren and Sanders.

Be Thankful for School Choice
Teresa Mull
American Thinker
This Thanksgiving weekend, be grateful for school choice for these five reasons: diversity, safety, helping the poor, saving money, and happier families.

Errors in Climate Models
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Patrick Frank
A new paper by Dr. Patrick Frank demonstrates climate models have inherent, systematic errors which undermine their temperature and other climate projections.

Trump EO Expanding Nursing Care
Host: AnneMarie Schieber
Guest: David Hebert
David Hebert, the CEO of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, discusses a recent Trump executive order looking to expanding the role of nurse practitioners.

Freeing Up the Health Movement
Host: Sarah Lee
Guest: Jason Pye
Pye discusses Freedomworks’ recent contributions to the Republican Study Committee’s health policy framework, which will inject free-market ideas into national policy.

Warren Hiding Her Socialism
Justin Haskins
Fox News
Halloween is long past, but Elizabeth Warren – a leading contender for the Democratic presidential nomination –continues to masquerade as a capitalist.

Bargaining for Socialism
Larry Sand
California Policy Center
When teachers unions attempt to “bargain for the common good” as they like to say, the truth is that they’re trying to turn education into a socialist bastion.

Developing Nations and Climate
Ronald Stein
For the poorest, still developing nations in the world there are many things that are far more important to survival than climate change.

CSAs Promote Parental Freedom
Alger and Benson
Heartland Policy Brief
The Heartland Institute’s Child Safety Account (CSA) proposal would allow parents to immediately have their child moved to a safe school.

Sanders’ Tax on ‘Extreme Wealth’
Bonner Cohen
Budget & Tax News
“Billionaires should not exist,” Sanders stated in a tweet after announcing his new plan to tax wealth and success out of the country.

Vaping Illness tied to THC Usage
Lindsey Stroud
Research & Commentary
The CDC found that 83 percent of patients suffering from illnesses tied to vaping reported using vaping devices containing THC, not nicotine.