Mann Attacks Scientist’s Religion in Excuse Not to Debate

Published March 25, 2013

Prominent global warming alarmist and Climategate central figure Michael Mann today attacked climate scientist Roy Spencer’s Christian religious beliefs and used Spencer’s Christianity as an excuse to not debate Spencer on national television.

Fox News Channel apparently invited Mann to appear on the air and debate Spencer in a short segment. Mann declined the invitation.

Not content to be a gracious invitee, Mann took to his Twitter account to pour out venom at Fox News Channel, Roy Spencer, and Spencer’s Christian religious beliefs.

“No, @FoxNews, I’m not interested in ‘debating’ #climatechange and #evolution denier Roy Spencer on your ‘news’ network,” wrote Mann.

Mann is a taxpayer-funded government employee at Pennsylvania State University. Mann delivered his Tweet at 11:49 am, which appears to be during Penn State working hours.