New Google Antitrust Dictionary Words for 2015 – A Satire

Published June 6, 2015

A Satirical Merriam-Webster Press Release

A Sample of New Google Antitrust-Relevant Dictionary Words for 2015

SPRINGFIELD, MASS., June 3, 2015— Gconomy, Gclipse, Gvolution, Gvil, Goobris and other Google antitrust-relevant words join over 1700 new words and definitions added to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary in 2015, available now in print and online at These new additions to America’s best-selling dictionary reflect the growing influence Google is having on human endeavor.

Gconomy – Google’s system for the management and development of the three most important factors of production going forward: information, connectivity, and computing power; or, the fastest growing part of the economy.

Gcommerce — The buying, selling and sharing of information, goods and services using Google’s products and services.

Gconomic – That which disintermediates and commoditizes competitors to enrich Google.

Gquilibrium – A theoretical state in which Google’s benefits and harms are balanced; or, the eventual price of zero for all online competitive products and services.

Gcosystem – The global virtual and physical Google community and environment.

Gclipse – to obscure or overshadow the importance, fame or brand of Google competitors via favoring Google content over competitors in Google Search, Shopping, Android, Chrome, Maps, Travel, Flight, Play, etc.

Gcocide – Deliberate destruction of Google’s competitors via self-dealing and dumping of free products and services via monopoly cross-subsidization.

Gvolution — The steady development of a simple search endeavor into a complex Gcosystem and Gconomy of omnivorous products and services via self-dealing and dumping of free products and services via monopoly cross-subsidization.

Gvolutionism – Google dogma that “resistance is futile.”

Gvil – Illegal, unethical or predatory Google behavior; or, what Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto often ignores.

Goobris – Hubris raised to the hundredth power.

Gooey – Google user stickiness and lock-in from predatory tying.

Googlomerate – A company comprised of 181 acquisitions of other companies.

Google’s Poodles – New media “partners” who increasingly fear Google retribution because they are financially-dependent on Google for online monetization of their content.

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