Prominent Alarmist: Humans Do Not Deserve to Exist

Published May 31, 2012

Global warming alarmist David Appell posted an item on his blog yesterday showing just how anti-human and out-of-touch global warming alarmsts are. According to Appell, if people do not side with global warming alarmists in the global warming debate and take drastic action according to alarmist prescriptions, humans are too stupid to deserve to exist.

Writes Appell, “If humans are really so stupid as to not take some drastic action by at least 2050, when total warming would be 3.0 degrees [Celsius] – if even after that we continue to burn fossil fuels at an ever-increasing rate, well then we are clearly too stupid to deserve to continue as a species, and the Universe would best be rid of us.”

Appell’s comments, as hateful and shocking as they are, are merely par for the case among global warming alarmists. Within the past month alone prominent global warming alarmists have been quoted in the media saying global warming skeptics are comparable to Holocaust deniers, that firemen should let global warming skeptics’ houses burn down, that it would be good if a super virus killed off most of humanity, etc.

The global warming debate, unfortunately, is not science versus science; it has become science versus alarmist hate speech.