Heartland Weekly – Witnessing Climate Thuggery in Germany

Published November 25, 2019

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Fossil Fuels Create Millions of Jobs
Peter Ferrara
Washington Times
President Trump’s energy deregulation has created a huge boom in jobs and higher wages for blue-collar working people who used to be the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Climate Thuggery in Germany
James Taylor
More than 200 people, including dozens of scientists and Heartland’s James Taylor, were forced into hiding this week in Germany because of threats by fascist climate thugs.

‘Family Friendly Schools Act’ Far From It
Chris Talgo
The Hill
Sen. Kamala Harris’s so-called Family Friendly Schools Act would do irreparable harm to an already failing institution: the sacred American family.

10th Anniversary of Climategate
Host: H. Sterling Burnett
Guest: Paul Driessen
Policy Analyst Paul Driessen explains how 10 years after Climategate little has changed. The offending scientists have continued to manipulate data and hide research from the light of day.

Health Reimbursement Accounts
Host: AnneMarie Schieber
Guest: William Sweetnam
William Sweetnam of the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation discusses how HRAs could be a game changer for how employers provide health insurance to their employees.

In the Tank Ep. 218
Host: Donald Kendal
Guests: Jim Lakely and Justin Haskins
The trio talk about the recent Soho Forum on the topic of socialism vs. capitalism. They also give a sneak peek at an upcoming Heartland/Rasmussen poll on the public’s views on socialism.

Public Schools Are Failing Students
Teresa Mull
Daily Caller
New standardized test scores have been released, and U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos called the results of the federally mandated NAEP exam for public schools “devastating.”

Ethics and Morality of the Marketplace
Richard Ebeling
Freedom Pub
Who do people consider to be less ethical or honest than either telemarketers or used car salesman? If you said Washington politicians, you’d be right on the button.

Medicare for Illegals is Immoral
Chris Talgo
American Thinker
Strangely most Democrats running for the party’s 2020 presidential nomination, including Bernie Sanders obviously, support Medicare for All, even for illegal immigrants.

On Demand Climate Crisis Concerns
Charles Battig
Freedom Pub
Living-in-the-moment mentality cannot distinguish between weather and climate. Panicked claims of a climate crisis do not easily succumb to clear scientific facts.

The State Is Not Your Proxy
Jeffrey Tucker
I’m struck by the sheer materialism of the socialist outlook. Somehow it all comes down to who owns what and how much they control, as if this is the very essence of life itself.

Title X Grant Comes with Price Tag
Mark Blocher
Health Care News
The changing political winds of Washington, DC and in state legislatures seem to have forced Title X recipients to participate in politics as part of their survival.

Fracking Saved $1.1 Trillion over Decade
Tim Benson
Research & Commentary
A new report prepared by Kleinhenz & Associates for the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program shows fracking has saved Americans $1.1 trillion since 2008.

EPA Backs Off Transparency Rules
Kenneth Artz
Environment & Climate News
The government is full of swampy people, making it quite challenging to make substantial reforms at EPA, which has at most a handful of Trump people in place.

More Fiddling While Forests Burn
Greg Walcher
The Heartland Institute
What if someone said they planned to burn down your house, but it’s for your own good? They need to study how houses burn, so in the future they might help you.