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Jessica Sena: Oil Revenues Won't Make Over Spending Go Away

ECN PODCAST - Many states use oil taxes, which are based upon the price of oil, to balance budgets, and the current dip in prices means many of these states will face budget shortfalls in the coming biennium. Research Fellow Isaac Orr and Jessica Sena from the Montana Petroleum Association discuss the budgetary situations in several states including North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and Alaska and how falling oil prices will affect the legislative agendas of lawmakers around the nation.

Yevgeniy Feyman: The Cost of Drug Development

HCN PODCAST - Health Care News managing editor Sean Parnell spoke with Yevgeniy Feyman of the Manhattan Institute on the cost of drug development. Researchers at Tufts University updated a 2003 study, finding that it now costs about $2.6 billion to bring a new drug to market. This is an increase from the $800m cost estimated in the original 2003 study.

Hester Peirce: Commodity Futures Trading Commission

BTN PODCAST - Mercatus Center at George Mason University Senior Research Fellow Hester Peirce joints The Heartland Institute’s Budget and Tax News managing editor Jesse Hathaway to talk about a little-known government regulatory commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and their efforts to avoid Congressional oversight and public scrutiny by issuing unofficial rules and regulations “through the backdoor.”

James Taylor: Great Lakes Region Is Benefiting From Warming

ECN PODCAST - Senior Fellow for environment and energy policy for The Heartland Institute sits down with host Donald Kendal to discuss how modest global warming is benefiting the Great Lakes Region growing season.

Jesse Hathaway: Football Leagues Exempt from Taxation

BTN PODCAST - The other day, Research Fellow Jessie Hathaway was on the the radio show "On Point with Church Douglas." He was on the program to discuss taxpayer subsidized NFL Stadiums.

Jim Lakely: How Net Neutrality Will Ruin the Internet

ITN PODCAST - Co-Director of Heartland’s Center on the Digital Economy, Jim Lakely discusses Net Neutrality with guest host Mike Siegel on the Howie Carr Show. Siegel and Lakely talk about the latest Net Neutrality news and what it would mean for the Internet.
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