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Amber Gunn: Word Games With Washington Income Tax Proposal

Amber Gunn discusses a November ballot measure to impose a graduated income tax on high-income earners in the state -- and the supporters' attempts to call it an excise tax to get around the state constitution's prohibition against such a tax.

Interview with Scott Kahn, editor, MusicPlayers.com

In this week's podcast, Scott Kahn, editor of MusicPlayers.com, a Web magazine for serious musicians, speaks with Bruce Edward Walker, managing editor of InfoTech & Telecom News, regarding his views on the Federal Communications Commission’s banning of wireless microphones and instruments that broadcast in white spaces and the 700 MHz spectrum.

Talk Radio Show Host Mark Levin Cites Heartland on Berwick Nomination

The White House announced the evening of July 6 that President Barack Obama was bypassing the nomination and Senate confirmation process and installing Donald Berwick as head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services with a recess appointment. This, says Ben Domenech, managing editor of Health Care News, is "An act of unconscionable hubris." National radio talk show host Mark Levin agreed, played audio clips of Berwick’s praising of the British health care system.

The Blob vs. Reform: An Interview with Greg Forster

School Reform News Managing Editor Ben Boychuk interviews Greg Forster of the Foundation for Educational Choice.

Interview with Julie Rochman of the Institute for Business and Home Safety

Julie Rochman tells host Arin Greenwood about IBHS's new hazard simulation and research facility in Chester County, South Carolina.

KDKA Radio with Heartland Communications Director Jim Lakely

Heartland Communications Director Jim Lakely addresses talk radio listeners on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh, discussing a bill that would give the president the authority to flip an "Internet Kill Switch" in an "emergency."
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