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Avik Roy: A Conservative Case for Universal Coverage

HCN PODCAST - Avik Roy discusses the status of Obamacare, Avik’s conservative case for universal coverage and if Obamacare can be a defining issue for the 2016 Presidential election.

Bob Bowdon: The Ticket to National School Choice Week

SRN PODCAST - National School Choice week 2014 starts January 26. To celebrate, and help the thousands of participants across the country create their own events, filmmaker Bob Bowdon is out with a new documentary. It's called "The Ticket," and it introduces viewers to seven different forms of choice at whistle train stops across the country. Bob joins the podcast to discuss his film, ChoiceMedia.tv, and National School Choice Week.

Jack McHugh: Way Too Early for Governor to Offer Money to Detroit

BTN PODCAST - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder recently proposed sending $350 million of state funds to Detroit but provided few details. Jack McHugh of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy explains why, regardless of the details that may emerge, it's way too early for Michigan's political leaders to talk of sending any more money to the city.

Andy Schlafly: Fifth Circuit Hearing Novel Challenge to Obamacare

HCN PODCAST - Andy Schlafly discusses a novel challenge to Obamacare, its progress through the courts and if legal challenges can continue to chip away at the unpopular law.

C. Douglas Love: The Truth About Blacks and the Republican Party

Author C. Douglas Love discusses his book "Logic: The Truth About Blacks and the Republican Party, And Why They Need To Work Together To Improve The Party, The Black Community, And The Country."

Adele Keim: Obamacare’s War Against Religious Liberty

HCN PODCAST - Adele Keim discusses the Little Sisters of the Poor v. Sebelius, Obamacare’s controversial contraceptive mandate and the fight for religious liberty.
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