• Voices of Vapers: Fighting for Vaping in the Evergreen State (Guest: WA State Rep. Drew MacEwen)

    Published May 2, 2019
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Washington State Representative Drew MacEwen, a republican representing the 35th House district, joins state government relations manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss vaping-related legislation. Rep. MacEwen was first elected to the House in 2012 and has been a continuous leader on tax and education funding reform. Rep. MacEwen is the current assistant floor leader and ranking member of the House Commerce and Gaming Committee, assistant ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee, as well as serving on Joint Committee on Veterans' and Military Affairs and the Joint Task Force on Economic Resilience of Maritime and Manufacturing. Rep. MacEwen served in the United States navy for six years and upon completion entered the financial sector. He is the founder and president of the investment firm Falcon Financial Inc. located in Union, WA.

    More importantly, this year Rep. MacEwen has helped fight against bad vaping legislation in Washington state and is still trying to fight against a recently-passed bill that will tax vaping products. Rep. MacEwen talks about the various bills that were introduced in Washington this year, including Tobacco-21, HB 1873 – which is an egregious tax on vaping products that was heavily amended during the 2019 session, and even legislation that would have banned flavored tobacco products, as well as requiring vaping companies to be responsible for recycling used e-cigarettes and vaping devices.

    You can find more information on legislation in Washington state at: http://leg.wa.gov/. And for more information on Representative MacEwen visit: http://drewmacewen.houserepublicans.wa.gov/.

  • Voices of Vapers: Fear Mongering and NICOTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! (Guest: Taylor Cage)

    Published April 25, 2019
    Podcast -

    Nicotine is getting a bad reputation lately. The Nicotine Queen joins State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss her efforts in tobacco harm reduction. Taylor was a sales executive at Alchem USA and Nicselect and has recently joined North American Nicotine as Vice President of Sales. North America Nicotine is the exclusive importer of CNT and the world’s leading supplier of the gold standard of nicotine.

    Despite fearmongering campaigns, other than being addictive, nicotine is not harmful when used outside of combustible cigarettes. Lindsey and Taylor discuss erroneous claims around nicotine, the difference between e-liquid nicotine and nicotine salts, how the nicotine industry is currently addressing the tobacco shortages in India and China, and issues related to tobacco harm reduction products in 2019 and beyond.

    You can find more information about CNT at https://nicotineusp.com/, North America Nicotine at  https://northamericanicotine.com/. You can find Taylor on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thenicotinequeen and reach her directly at 916/472-8863.

  • How I Escaped the Columbine Shooting, a Survivor’s Story (Guest: Rep. Patrick Neville)

    Published April 23, 2019
    Podcast -

    Rep. Patrick Neville, a Columbine survivor, discussed how he escaped the shooting and how it profoundly changed his life. He discussed memories of the shootings aftermath and watching parents not be able to find their children.

    As a state representative, he proposes solutions to help keep students safe. These include hardening the physical building, allowing teachers to volunteer to be trained and armed, and to provide Child Safety Accounts empowering parents to find a safe alternative to unsafe schools. These proposals never get out of committee.

  • Voices of Vapers: Bad Legislation Threatening Small Businesses and Tobacco Harm Reduction in the Land of Opportunity (Guest: Scout Stubbs)

    Published February 28, 2019
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Scout Stubbs joins the Heartland Institute’s state government relations manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss her efforts in Arkansas. Scout and her husband opened their vape shop in 2015 and have expanded it to a franchise chain of five stores in Arkansas. Drippers Vape Shop exclusively sells their e-liquid line that come in 103 different flavors and are all registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    The two discuss Scout’s journey into vaping, the role and economic impact of her business in Arkansas, efforts to restrict youth from using e-cigarettes, and pending legislation in Arkansas which will tax e-cigarettes, as well as ban access to these products and other tobacco products, from persons under 21 years of age.

    You can find more information about the Arkansas Vape Advocacy Alliance at arkansasvaaa.org or on their Facebook page. The video mentioned in the podcast can be found here.

  • Voices of Vapers: Bucking Bad Legislation in the Buckeye State (Guest: James Jarvis)

    Published January 24, 2019
    Podcast -

    In this Voices of Vapers podcast, James Jarvis, president of the Ohio Vapor Trade Association (OHVTA), joins Heartland’s State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss his efforts and advocacy in shaping vaping regulations in Ohio. James owns five vape stores and an e-liquid manufacturing lab in central Ohio, and has been involved in the vaping industry since 2008. Lindsey and James discuss his work at OHVTA and his efforts to educate elected officials, including Congressman Steve Stivers. James talks about the regulatory challenges Ohio has faced and what to expect in 2019.

    You can find more information about OHVTA at https://www.ohvta.com/, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Voices of Vapers: Flavors Are Essential! (Guest: Guy Bentley)

    Published January 17, 2019
    Podcast -

    State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud rejoins Guy Bentley, a research associate at Reason Foundation to discuss A Question of Taste: The Public Health Case for E-Cigarettes.

    Lindsey and Guy explore his brief, his findings when examining the role of flavors in electronic cigarettes and vaping devices, the implications of legislation introduced in localities, states and the federal government to ban such flavors and other reforms to address the uptick in youth consumption of e-cigarettes.

    For more information about Guy, visit www.reason.org.  

  • Voices of Vapers: Checking in with the Vaping Congressman (Guest: Congressman Duncan Hunter)

    Published January 15, 2019
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) talks with The Heartland Institute’s state government relations manager to discuss vaping and tobacco harm reduction. Known as the “Vaping Congressman,” Congressman Duncan Hunter represents California’s 50th congressional district, which covers East and North San Diego County and a portion of Riverside County. Congressman Hunter is a former United States Marine, and has served three combat tours overseas, two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and he the first combat veteran of either Iraq or Afghanistan to serve in the U.S. Congress.

    Congressman Hunter is also a vaper and an advocate for tobacco harm reduction (THR). The congressman made headlines in 2016 when he vaped in a congressional hearing on an amendment to ban vaping on planes. Before vaping in Congress, Congressman Hunter authored an op-ed in the The Hill, where he implored the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to not restrict access to vapor products, as he believes they have saved his life, as well as millions of other smokers’ lives.

    In this episode, Congressman Hunter describes his own personal journey to vaping, the flavor he’s currently vaping (Blueberry Crumb), his legislation that will separate vaping products from combustible cigarettes and place THR products on a continuum of harm, and his advice for vapers and policymakers when regulating these products.

    For more information on Congressman Hunter and to see his legislation visit, hunter.house.gov or follow him on Twitter at @Rep_Hunter.

  • Voices of Vapers: Public Health Activists’ Fearmongering Campaigns Threaten Tobacco Harm Reduction (Guest: Michelle Minton)

    Published January 10, 2019
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Michelle Minton, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) joins The Heartland Institute’s state government relations manager Lindsey Stroud to discuss her expertise and work at CEI. Michelle specializes in consumer policy covering regulatory issues that include gambling, tobacco harm reduction, cannabis legalization, alcohol and nutrition. She is the author of numerous studies and her analyses have been published and cited in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, as well as frequent guest in the news media. Michelle discusses her role on tobacco harm reduction policy, her recent CEI Policy Analysis Fear Profiteers: How E-Cigarette Panic Benefits Public Health Activists, the problem with the data surrounding the “youth vaping epidemic,” and how fearmongering campaigns and unjustified alarmism threatens current smokers from truly understanding and finding usefulness in tobacco harm reduction products.

    For more information on Michelle’s work, follow her on Twitter @michelleminton and to see her work, please visit https://cei.org/.

  • Voices of Vapers: Vaping in the Show-Me State & Misconstruing Data (Guest: A.J. Moll)

    Published December 27, 2018
    Podcast -
    A.J. Moll is the Executive Director of Missouri Smoke Free, a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote science, health and legal aspects of vapor products through advocacy and education. Moll is also a member in good standing with the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association and former Vice President of Media Relations for Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education. Moll came into vaping due to government regulations prohibiting smoking through a Smoke Free law and has been vaping for eight years. Moll talks with State Government Relations Manager Lindsey Stroud about how he found himself a vaping and tobacco harm reduction (THR) advocate, the regulatory landscape of vaping in the Show-Me state, and recent misconstrued data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey and the Monitoring the Future Surveys. The two also discuss U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adam’s recent Twitter statements, Big Tobacco’s role in THR, the fearmongering use of “epidemic” and how public health groups in the United States have continuously changed alarmism campaigns after science has proven e-cigarettes to be effective cessation devices and are 95 percent less harmful than combustible cigarettes. You can find more information about Missouri Smoke Free at https://missourismokefree.org, or follow on Twitter at @SmokeFreeMO You can reach out to A.J. on Twitter at @BRAVEmediaMO.
  • Voice of Vapers: One Woman Army and Her Many Roles in Tobacco Harm Reduction (Guest: Amy Netherton)

    Published December 20, 2018
    Podcast -

    Amy Netherton is vice president of domestic and international sales and marketing, and regulatory affairs director at Flavor Revolution, a highly recognized flavor supplier. Amy is also membership director for the Vapor Technology Association (VTA). She is president of the Indiana Smoke-Free Alliance (ISFA). Amy is a co-owner of Alchemist Vapor Shop and CEO of Transcendent Enterprise Consulting Group. She has a degree in cell physiology from Purdue University and is an active paramedic.

    Amy’s unique set of skills have fostered positive dialogues between scientists, doctors, politicians and other professions.

    Lindsey and Amy discuss how she found herself immersed in an active role in the vaping community, the work ISFA did in defeating Indiana’s monopoly on e-cigarette manufacturers, the importance of flavors for tobacco harm reduction, VTA’s hard work in 2018, the latest compliance regulations from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and what Indiana and states can expect in 2019.

    For more information about ISFA, please visit www.insmokefree.org. For more information on VTA, please visit www.vaportechnology.org. For VTA’s marketing hotline, please email [email protected]. And to reach Amy, please email [email protected].

  • Voices of Vapers: Tales From a Globetrotter’s Fight for Tobacco Harm Reduction (Guest: Dimitris Agrafiotis)

    Published December 10, 2018
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Dimitris Agrafiotis joins Lindsey Stroud to discuss his history in the vaping community. Dimitris is executive director of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association, president of the Global eVapor Consulting and a host at SmokeFreeRadio. Dimitris and Lindsey discuss his efforts in Tennessee, the role of state and federal advocacy associations, self-regulation from the vaping industry, Dimitris’ efforts in the European Union, China, and how vaping is not Big Tobacco. You can find out more information about the Tennessee Smoke Free Association at http://tnsmokefree.org/. You can reach Dimitris at https://www.facebook.com/vapingreek.

  • Voices of Vapers – The Fight for Vaping in the Empire State (Guest: Andrew Osborne)

    Published December 5, 2018
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Andrew Osborne, vice president of the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA) joins Lindsey to discuss a proposed flavor ban in the state of New York. NYSVA is an advocacy organization that supports more than 700 New York vaping businesses and more than 2,700 employees. The board has been advising researcher, legislators, government agencies, and industry stakeholders for eight years on local, state, federal and international issues. Andrew is the president and co-founder of Vapor Trail Electronic Inc., one of the first vapor retail stores in New York State.

    Lindsey and Andrew talk about his history in the vaping industry, why New York’s proposed flavor ban is different than the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recent decision to restrict access to flavored e-cigarettes in convenience stores, and NYSVA’s efforts in the Empire State. For more information about NYSVA, please visit nysva.org.

  • Voices of Vapers – Catching Up With the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (Guest Mark Anton)

    Published November 27, 2018
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Mark Anton, executive director of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) joins Lindsey to discuss SFATA’s work in 2018. SFATA is a national advocacy organization representing member companies at local, state and federal levels. Mark is an early pioneer of vaping, CEO and founder of What A Smoke, LLC, an electronic cigarette and vaping device manufacturer and distributor. Mark is also a legislative director for federal matters for the New Jersey Vapor Rights Coalition. Lindsey and Mark talk about the early days of vaping, legislation in New Jersey threatening vaping, SFATA’s work on industry standards and what to expect from SFATA’s annual conference in Austin this year. For more information on SFATA, please visit sfata.org.

  • Voices of Vapers: An Overview of the Vaping Industry (Guest: Tony Abboud)

    Published November 21, 2018
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, state government relations manager Lindsey Stroud talks with Tony Abboud, executive director of the Vapor Technology Association (VTA). VTA is a national trade organization representing manufacturers, wholesalers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who have developed innovative and quality vapor products. Lindsey and Tony discuss how he found himself in the vaping industry, VTA’s work in preventing youth access to vapor products, VTA’s 50 State Joint Defense Strategy, and the organization’s work on ensuring access to flavors for adult e-cigarette users. Tony also discusses VTA’s third annual Vapor Game Plan conference, taking place in Austin, TX December 4-5. You can find more information about VTA at vaportechnology.org

  • Voices of Vapers: E-Liquids, Regulations, and the Federal Government (Guest: Jennifer Higginbotham)

    Published November 5, 2018
    Podcast -

    In this episode of Voices of Vapers, Jennifer Higginbotham joins the podcast to discuss e-liquids and regulations imposed by the federal government on manufacturers. Jennifer is Chief Operating Officer of HiggyCigs, an e-liquid manufacturer that has been operating since 2014. Jennifer and Lindsey discuss Jennifer’s journey into electronic cigarettes, vaping devices and her company. They also talk about and how Jennifer was instrumental in helping streamline the process of product registration. She accomplished this by working with various manufacturers and the Center for Tobacco Products at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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